Internet sound experiments

From horrible sounds to mobile clips of Glastonbury

Below are our current psychoacoustic studies where we get the public to audition and make judgements about sounds. Understanding human response to sound is central to our work in acoustic engineering. You can read more about our public engagement work through web experiments: University of Salford's monograph .

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Acoustic and Audio Engineering University of Salford

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Archive of old experiments

Feel free to play, but we can't guarantee these will work

Two snippets of music, which do you prefer?

Two everyday sounds, which has the best quality?

Calls of the wild

Bad Vibes

Whoopee cushions (Comic relief)

What makes a scary scream?

Speech in noise

Computer laughter

YouTube videos from Glastonbury, which is best?

Photo credits

Radio ©Masaki Ikeda

Nature ©Photophilde

Battle ©Rongem Boyo

Laughter © JamieSanford

Speech © Jonathan_W

detune © David Gallard

Woof © David Shankbone