How To Effectively Use Technology To Get Ahead In Business

How To Effectively Use Technology To Get Ahead In Business

Running a business without using any form of technology was achievable in the past. Presently, it is nearly impossible to run a successful business without the use of technology. Technology is a major contributor to the growth of a business.

The effective use of technology brings amazing opportunities, innovation, advancements, efficiency, and many more to the business.

Read on to learn about the best ways to use technology to elevate your business.

10 Ways to Use Technology to Get Ahead in Business

Productivity tools

Productivity tools like scheduling apps, cameras, Grammarly, AIs, Canva, and many more can help you organise your activities, create quality documents, get answers for difficult situations, create good graphics, etc. Productivity tools enable efficiency and productivity in a workplace.


Digital marketing is currently more effective than traditional marketing. The cost of marketing online is also affordable. This is, however, based on the kind of method you use. You can run paid ads on Google or social media platforms, and they are quite affordable. The second and most common method is by posting engaging content on your business page. The most expensive form of digital marketing is using influencers. The good thing about digital marketing is that you get clients or customers from other jurisdictions.

Competitive Advantage

This involves using technology to stay updated on the various happenings in your industry. This will help you keep track of market trends and what appeals to customers. You can also learn different techniques and improve your skills online. Knowledge and innovation will help you stand out amongst competitors at all times.

Cost Management

You can manage costs by investing more in software applications rather than hardware. For example, computing sales online rather than constantly buying papers and pens. Investing more in software promotes efficiency and saves you from the stress (both physical and financial) of running maintenance.

Online Store

Most businesses are more active online than in their walk-in stores. All you need to do is to create a good business website and have a strong online presence. When you have an active online store, there is very little need for buying or renting a big business space. Based on self storage statistics, the demand for storage facilities is constantly increasing. What this means is that most business owners just buy or rent a self-storage facility to store their products while running a full-time online store.

Customer Service

Having a platform where you can easily interact with your customers is a great way to grow your business. Customer service is the major aspect of running a business, whether small or large scale. You can also use advanced applications to further enhance the benefits of quality customer service. One of the major tools to use is customer relation management (CRM) software. CRM is a system designed to organize and manage everything that has to do with your customers, from organising their details and tracking all their interactions to identifying useful marketing strategies.

Web-based Payment

Web-based payment methods are flexible, they have various options that can cater for different purposes. This payment option is more useful for businesses with online stores. This way, transactions can be done with ease and security too.

Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is efficient, and cost-effective. A virtual assistant can work for longer hours and you do not need to create an office space for the person. Everything happens online, you can easily get virtual assistance from a freelance platform.


Communication in business is an important factor to uphold not just for the purpose of customer service. It is also important to maintain good communication between the employees and the management. Creating an online office platform or chatroom is a great way to improve communication in a workspace. Employees can easily report to the management or layout important complaints when necessary.

Finance Management

Several applications are designed to track and manage costs. Rather than using paper-based sheets to keep track of your sales, expenses and inventory, using accounting-based software is a better option. You can easily keep track of your expenses, income, and tax.


The effective use of technology in business is highly beneficial. It promotes innovation, saves costs, enables efficiency, etc. While investing in technology it is important to consider the cost and benefits to ensure that the value outweighs the cost.

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